How To Get Cheap Seats With Leg Room On Your Next Flight

You're in the throws of imagination about the spectacular casino trip your are planning to take. You've already dusted off your suitcase. You picture yourself chilling by a pool or dining at a fine restaurant. Gentle background music plays while you sip your....SCREEEEEEEEEEEACH! You begin to feel the sensation of both your legs falling fast asleep while you shuffle your feet around in the one inch square available, trying to figure out a place to put them as your tiny personal bag more than … [Read more...]

The Most Amazing Casino Hotel Pools

The Best... WYNN If you truly want a taste of the good-life, the pools at Wynn will whisk your mind away from reality to the splendor of a luxury life, if only for one sunny day. Rent a private cabana, dip in the Jacuzzi, or lounge in the sun at the adult only European pools to fill those strap lines amid plush gardens. See for yourself here. BELLAGIO Relax in the luxury of a Mediterranean style poolside. There are 5 pools to choose from. There are Jacuzzis and cabanas. There is an … [Read more...]

How to Pay Slot Machines and Leave With the Most Money

To gamble sensibly sounds like an oxymoronic statement but there are people out there who occasionally play slots that actually leave the casino, having spent no more than they can afford to  spend. The only way to do this (in the long run) is to play sensibly. Of course, there are also those that are throwing their rent money into a slot machine. Let me stress that what I am about to say here does not apply to those who are throwing their rent money into a slot machine or anyone at all with a … [Read more...]

Over 40 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

BELAGGIO FOUNTAIN SHOW: This is a must see attractions on the Las Vegas strip. The fountain is made up of 5000 lights, 12000 devices that dictate how the water dances to the song that is playing during the show. The lake is 8.5 acres and the water can shoot up to 460 feet in the air. Trained divers are under the surface checking for leaks or compromised hoses. Behind the scenes they work on repairs and create custom designs for fountain related maintenance. Many toss in their coins which can add … [Read more...]

Slot Machine Player Types

During my time at the casino I have come to realize that there are many different types of slot players. Each one is a repeatable “type”. In other words I have seen these same types of players over and over from one end of the country to the other. Just as with personality types, in our head we sort of categorize with more and more exposure to each as the characteristics become more defined. I have listed a handful of the player types I have witnessed [with (almost) no judgment]. Button … [Read more...]

Benefits of Staying at a Casino Hotel

The whole idea behind my Casino Tripping is that there are several benefits to staying at a casino hotel instead of using a regular lodging establishments. Below are some of the top reasons I prefer to stay at a casino hotel if possible and try to plan my trips around staying at a casino location. Nice hotels at reasonable prices: Most casino hotels are pretty decent accommodations and some are downright over the top luxurious or have a unique design or themed decoration. The price you pay … [Read more...]