How to Pay Slot Machines and Leave With the Most Money

To gamble sensibly sounds like an oxymoronic statement but there are people out there who occasionally play slots that actually leave the casino, having spent no more than they can afford to  spend. The only way to do this (in the long run) is to play sensibly. Of course, there are also those that are throwing their rent money into a slot machine. Let me stress that what I am about to say here does not apply to those who are throwing their rent money into a slot machine or anyone at all with a gambling problem of any kind. Just like an alcoholic cannot and should not drink “just a little” alcohol, neither can or should a gambling addict try to gamble “just a little”.

Even those who  occasionally gamble but are not gambling addicts have most likely spent more than they wanted to at a casino at one time or another. For those who find a little slot play entertaining, but in no way want to ever lose more than they can afford, here are some tips that can help guard against getting carried away and spending more than you had originally intended. In the end, this give you the best odds of leaving with the most money, the final tally after all of your visits.

The most important thing is to NEVER PLAY TO WIN. But wait, you may be asking, isn’t that the whole idea behind gambling?! I say, it is the very reason people get in trouble gambling, right? The one factor that can always move the needle away from the original amount someone planned on spending on their casino visit is if one is to embrace a broad concept of winning.

One way to experience that exciting feeling that you get in a chance game without losing your senses is to PLAY A GAME WITHIN THE GAME. Let’s say you set aside fifty dollars to play slots at the casino. The game within the game is to see if you can win before you reach the fifty dollar limit. You are changing the game and focus by adding a factor which is the fifty dollar restriction. It sounds simple but the angles we look from that create sensible decisions are only tiny degrees from the angles that cause us to derail and we all know that when you begin making poor decisions with gambling, you have a huge problem.

Starting from the mindset that you are paying for entertainment, you should DECIDE HOW MUCH IT IS WORTH TO YOU. In the same way that you might decide to pay a hundred dollars for a concert but would not pay a hundred dollars for a movie, you should decide what you would pay for the entertainment you would get from your time and activity at the casino.

The tricky part of course is the fact that you do not necessarily know how long it will take you to go through the amount of money you are willing to spend. Variables are the enemy to sensible slot play, so you should always DETERMINE THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF TIME YOU WILL BE THERE first. By doing this you eliminate a possible variable that could be vital to staying within your determined budget.

Even if you decide you will spend only fifty dollars and you will be at the casino for no more than two hours, it does not guarantee that your fifty dollars will last for two hours. For this detail you can put another restriction in place that will promote consistency and predictability. If you have decided that a two hour excursion at the casino is worth fifty dollars to you as a means of enjoyable entertainment, then obviously it is worth twenty five dollars an hour to you, right? Twelve fifty would be its value for a half hour then, and so forth. Mentally DIVIDE YOUR MONEY AND TIME EQUALLY. If you blow through your first twelve fifty in five minutes, wait until the half hour is up to spend the next twelve fifty. Keeping the perspective of the broken down time frames and the values you have placed on the entertainment you will receive within that time can help.

ALWAYS BRING ONLY THE AMOUNT ALLOWED FOR GAMBLING. It is important not to lose track of where you are in your spending. If you only bring the amount you intended to gamble in with you, you’ll always have an easy reference to how much you spent. If you don’t know exactly how much you have with you to start, you can easily get confused about how much you are spending.

Now I will address the area of winnings. Occasionally you will find that you are ahead and It could take some of the fun out of it (the game within the game, that is) to just gamble faster or more and still walk away with nothing.

START WITH SPECIFIC INCREMENTS OF BILLS. If you are planning to spend fifty dollars total then you may want to start with five, ten dollar bills.

EXTRACT YOUR WINNINGS. If you are able to gamble for a half hour on the first ten dollars and you are up to twenty dollars by the end of that half hour, then set that ticket aside as your winnings and use the next bill for the next half hour. Another way you could do this is to take, for example a ten dollar bill. Every time you double it, you cash it out and keep half. I’ve even heard of someone who uses a locked, pocket money bank that they have left the key to at home, which they tuck money into as they win. I thought that was a great idea! Click here to check out one of these locking mini money banks on Amazon.

It is never a good idea to stay longer than you planned unless you HAVE A PREDETERMINED “DEAL” written into your game. We will use a twenty five dollar an hour allotment for the example. You could allow yourself two hours at fifty dollars but if your winnings total an additional twenty five dollars by the end of your time then you can stay an additional hour.

You may also want to HAVE AN INSTANT BAIL RULE. This rule might specify that at any point that you wind up with one hundred dollars more than you came with, you stop playing and/or leave the casino. If you get greedy, you lose. I think that is just a principal you can’t get around. Keep in mind that you can always go back and use the winnings for the next time.

A great way to pull yourself away and leave the casino at the appropriate time is to only go when you have something scheduled to do or somewhere you need to be right after your allotted time at the casino.

In short, planning and creating predictability are sensible behaviors that keep us out of trouble in all areas of life and particularly at the casino. I hope these tips have been helpful to you for your next Casino Tripping adventure.