Slot Machine Player Types

During my time at the casino I have come to realize that there are many different types of slot players. Each one is a repeatable “type”. In other words I have seen these same types of players over and over from one end of the country to the other. Just as with personality types, in our head we sort of categorize with more and more exposure to each as the characteristics become more defined. I have listed a handful of the player types I have witnessed [with (almost) no judgment].

Button Slammer – this player slams the button each time as if physical momentum plays a part in how the reels land. Sometimes the intensity increases the longer they play a particular machine.

Spell Caster – This player puts spells on the machine by drawing symbols or spelling out words on the screen with their fingers or other gestures which in the past I’ve been unable to decipher exactly what they were doing.

Screen Manipulator – This player taps, slaps and swipes the screen trying to manipulate the movement of reels.

Machine Shaker – This player is similar to a screen manipulator but they get a bit more animated, grabbing and rattling their whole machine, which causes their machine to shake as well as any machine attached to theirs.

Grumbler – This player grumbles or cusses every time they spin, often times even the spins they win on because it isn’t enough or it took too long to get the win.

A-n-g-r-y – This player is just plain angry. They are the ones that pound on the screen not to manipulate the reels but probably to actually break the glass. Usually there is cussing involved and they try to get the confirmation from those around them that they have a right to be angry for not winning. If you are so fortunate to be sitting next to this type of player, you wonder if this may be the straw that breaks the camels back causing you to question if you are in harms way.

Multi-Machine Players – This player likes to play more than one machine at a time. Some may play an additional game while the initial machine they are playing on is in a high number of free spins, or to keep a comfort space between themselves and others for various reasons. Some may think they can win more and faster if they play two or more slot machines. There could be any number of reasons for the multi-machine player.

The Free Drinker – This player is only here for the free drinks.

Chain-smoker – This player has a billowing smoke cloud around their machine at all times. It and everything around it is covered in ashes. Sometimes they hold their cigarette at face level (possibly so there is less time/distance between each puff) which makes it harder for the adjacent player to avoid it (the cloud).

The Socializer – This player enjoys conversation and interaction more than playing. They will root for your machine and talk away to draw you into their social event.

The Trance – This player sits at the machine and goes into his or her own little world, barely aware of the activity around them.

Reel Stopper – This player’s quick and continual pattern is “spin.stop.spin.stop.spin.stop”, creating a chopped off version of all the machine’s sound affects.

Happy Screamer – This player’s happy scream can be heard through large areas of the casino floor every time he or she wins pretty much anything.

Screen Talker – This player reasons with the machine, verbally coaxing it to give a win and scolding it when it does not come through.

The Settler – This player gets a bit more comfortably situated than the average player. They have their trinkets resting against the machine, their coat on the back of the seat. They have what looks like shopping bags sitting on the floor next to their chair. They may have visitors that come and go. There is just this appearance in general that this player has been and will be sitting there for quite some time.

The Watcher – This player will watch your machine more than they watch theirs. Even when you aren’t looking at them you can almost feel their eyes glaring at your screen.

The Loiterer – This player will hang around, pacing behind you or sitting at another machine that they are not playing, turned in your direction. It is never really clear if they want your machine or just want to watch someone else play instead of spending their own money for the same results.

Machine Hopper – This player travels quickly from machine to machine trying each, often not even sitting down.

Team Players – These are the players that work together either taking turns spinning the reels or one plays and the other cheers them on.

The Giver – Whether it is a ring made from a dollar (I still have mine), a piece of candy or the remaining balance on their ticket before they exit their machine, this player likes to give something to the player next to them.

The Clicker -This player does not hit the button hard or show any signs of extravagant movement however they somehow are able to cause a loud clicking sound every time they press the button.


Those are just some of the slot player types I have observed. Maybe you have seen some of these slot player types or even fit one or more of the descriptions yourself!