Benefits of Staying at a Casino Hotel

The whole idea behind my Casino Tripping is that there are several benefits to staying at a casino hotel instead of using a regular lodging establishments. Below are some of the top reasons I prefer to stay at a casino hotel if possible and try to plan my trips around staying at a casino location.

Nice hotels at reasonable prices: Most casino hotels are pretty decent accommodations and some are downright over the top luxurious or have a unique design or themed decoration. The price you pay for the room is typically far lower than you would pay for a similar non-casino hotel. Depending on where it is, you may not find a hotel in the area that even compares, for example if you are in a small town or rural area. Of course, they want you to come and spend your money at the casino but when you purchase your room, there is no requirement to spend a minimum amount or for that matter, any money at the casino to stay there so if you play your cards right, the benefits are all yours to gain.

Customer service oriented industry: At the conception of casinos, the standard of customer service was always impeccable. After all, when they are attempting to encourage people to throw their hard earned dollars at them for (probably) nothing in return, the least they could do is treat that someone very special. As many of you may have noticed, customer service has declined in this country it seems, in every industry, including the world of gambling though I believe there is no excuse for great customer service to ever waiver, specifically in a casino! There is never a justified attitude of “you are lucky you get to throw your money away at our casino”. However, most of the time you will find that at a casino hotel, giving great customer service still seems to be an important focus for the establishment.

Amenities and features: Most casino hotels out-offer the conveniences to the guests like internet, laundry, shuttle services, pool/hot tub and exercise rooms. There is typically a restaurant and/or a lounge and sometimes a spa. Some have even more, like golf courses, malls, game rooms and theaters which can be some bonus fun that is easy and convenient to fit into your itinerary. On the weekends, there may be live entertainment within the casino which makes for a great atmosphere.

Action/people: I went on vacation once and stayed at an oceanfront motel. The desk lady actually gave us flack for going in and out of our car to grab some things. It may have been after about 11:00 pm. We did not make a lot of noise or anything. I am always respectful of other patrons when it comes to noise. It just seemed to be the culture for that establishment for everyone to go to bed early and at the same time. Me? I like to go for late night walks or to explore the area, go get a coffee or snack in the wee hours. I pretty much like to be free to do whatever I want. The last thing I want is to be given a bedtime and have it enforced by the hotel staff. That’s the great part about being on vacation; there is no need for a “bedtime” if you don’t want one. I learned it is best to stay somewhere that embraces vacationers if I want the freedom to choose my schedule and not be harassed for forgetting something in my vehicle. Having a casino within your hotel gives you (typically) twenty four hour access to people and activity. You have options. You typically find a diverse crowd in casinos too. There are people of all ages and backgrounds which I find refreshing too.

Security: There are huge piles of cash in a casino that has to be protected. That means they are watching everyone with a sharp eye around the clock, trying to determine if they are up to no good. Of course no security system is infallible. In the state of the world each and every one of us should stay vigilant at all times even in a “secure” environment. When considering the typical dangers a traveler may encounter at their lodging of choice; getting their car broken into, being accosted in the parking lot or hallway, I would feel the most safe at a casino hotel. On top of that, you can be in an environment where people are drinking alcohol and know that the establishment will not tolerate the acting out of adverse behaviors of people under the influence that often make that scene potential dangerous or at least annoying.

Broad dress code: I think it is great that any attire fits in at a casino. If you feel like taking it casual and bringing a pair of jeans and t-shirt in a backpack and that’s it, you’ll fit in. If you are in the mood to deck it out and wear fancy clothes and sparkly jewelry, or a suit and tie, you will also fit in. There are dress codes in some casino clubs and restaurants but even then, it is not always held to a strict rule. I once passed up a dinner invite to an exquisite restaurant in a casino in Las Vegas because of the written dress code. I do still prefer to dress appropriately when I can, though the line of what is “appropriate” becomes more and more gray. The person who invited me reported back and It turned out that there were people in that restaurant far less dressed up than the clothing I had with me. Knowing that now, if I could have a do-over, I would just go regardless of the dress code.

Great food: I have yet to recall a time when I had truly awful food at a casino. I am sure there are some casinos out there that do not have the best food on the planet but the worst food at a casino just might be as good and could be even better than other restaurants you may find in the area where you are staying.

I challenge you all to consider how these benefits may fit into your next vacation and add a little pizazz.  As always, happy Casino Tripping!