Harvey’s in (South Lake Tahoe) Stateline Nevada

What I love about Harvey’s is that it is not only one of my favorite casinos but it is in one of my favorite places, South Lake Tahoe!

I have enjoyed the lively summer season when the casino is packed full of people playing slots and passing through to get to other casinos or out on street.

Something I have noticed about Harvey’s is how friendly people there seem to be. It’s not abnormal for several people to speak to you in some capacity while walking through the casino floor. That friendly atmosphere made the stay there that much more fun.

The hotel has the greatest views of the lake with it’s interesting design giving the most angles of visibility to every room. Just keep in mind that everyone’s room has the triangular windowed peak jutting out so be carful about trying to catch a view of the lake in your skivvies. If your neighbor’s curtains aren’t open too, you might look over and see someone in the next room alarmingly close looking back at you.

You can step right out of the hotel and take a walk through the tourist area of town with lots of shops and places to eat or head toward the beach on the lake which is only about a ten minute walk.

The hotel is very nice. I love the huge waterfall in the lobby. It adds a feeling of luxury to the atmosphere which is one of the things that draws me to casino tripping in the first place!

The room layout is great for multiple people in a room with the awesome bathroom suite. The shower and tub area have a door. The toilet is in a small room with a door  and then there is a large mirror and sink area on top of that.

I am always surprised at how reasonable the rates are for the quality of the place.