Odawa Casino in Petosky Michigan

What a fun atmosphere this casino has! It starts from the moment you drive up and see this totally cute designed building! The center of the casino floor has a circular, raised bar with open walls. Often there is a band playing in front of the central bar and makes it feel like a real party while you play slots or try your hand at the tables.

Odawa Casino also has a trendy club beaming out techno base, shaking the floor on weekends. A younger crowd emerges from the club around last call but all in all there is a mixed age crowd for most of the night that meshes very well together. While it is a lively atmosphere, it never feels obnoxious or impedes on your ability to chill at a slot machine if that is what you choose to do.

I like how the slot games are dispersed so the same games are sprinkled around instead of clumped together and the layout of the machines makes it cozy and inclusive no matter where you sit.

The selection of slots seems to be thick with many of the popular games that are rarely available on a busy night at other casinos so there is a shot you will get to play the game you came for some time during your visit.