The Luxor in Las Vegas Nevada

Who hasn’t dreamed their whole life of sleeping in a pyramid?! The front entry patio is loaded with Egyptian statues and palm trees. From the lobby you can see all the way up to the top, the hallway half walls and the rooms that hug the outer slant of the building.

I will admit, while we walked down the hall  to our 18th floor room, I was glancing over the kind of short wall that separates you and the mega drop to the center.

I like that the rooms show that you are not in an everyday hotel however. The outer wall is on the angle of the building so we got to stay in that imagination place, the reason someone would be attracted to stay in a wild looking hotel like the Luxor.

They have a great buffet at the Luxor with a really cool design and comfy booths.

The Central location is nice. Just step out the front door and catch the tram.