The definition of Casino Tripping to me is when I use a casino as the first dot on the paper when drawing out my big plan for a vacation, weekend or just a daycation.

The trip may or may not even include gambling but there are so many other added benefits to including a casino as a piece of the puzzle; luxurious rooms at great prices, all night activity, good food, people, security, service, just to name a few.

So I start with that casino visit base, and build activities around it, sightseeing, etc. Good planning equals a better use of time, more fun and often less cost.

There are so many casino options across the country now! Once I choose a casino, I then have to research all of the other activity options. I built this site to make it easier for me to plan my Casino Tripping, a place for me to lay it out in an organized way. Now all I need to do is use my imagination to plan for my next trip. I will be adding to his site forever! With every bit of research and all of my Casino Tripping experiences I will be sharing what I learn. I hope you will find it helpful for your Casino Tripping too!

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